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Customized MiSoundofNature X-Star C Major 22'' 9/10/12 Notes High-end 1.2mm Stainless Steel Handpan Drum, Available in 432 Hz and 440 Hz - Severe Quenching Heat Treatment

Customized MiSoundofNature X-Star C Major 22'' 9/10/12 Notes High-end 1.2mm Stainless Steel Handpan Drum, Available in 432 Hz and 440 Hz - Severe Quenching Heat Treatment

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X-Star C Major 22 Inch 9/10/12 Notes High-end Stainless Steel Handpan Drum

--Severe quenching heat treatment

--The material is more high-end and the sound is more beautiful.

HluruShop Hand pan drum is a musical instrument in the idiophone class. It is constructed from two half-shells of deep drawn, with hollow inside and in the shape of a convex lens. The top ("Ding") side has a center 'note' hammered into it and seven or eight 'tone fields' hammered around the center. The bottom ("Gu") is a plain surface that has a rolled hole in the center with a tuned note that can be created when the rim is struck.


  • A Represent Instrument By The Principle Of Helmholtz-resonator.
    • As very newly-developed musical instruments, handpan drums do not require complicated musical theory or any rudiments of music.
    • Hand-beating molding. High-quality hand dish drum, Stainless Steel quality, durable.
    • Circular hole at the bottom - Designed on the principle of Helmholtz resonator, and also used for tuning.
    • Accurate intonation, clear overtone, empty tone. All notes have perfect resonance vibration each note checked with a tuner minimum possible fluctuations.
    • The handpan drum is a tone composed of fundamental, fifth overtone and octave overtone.
    • 1.2mm thickened upgraded steel plate.
    • Stainless steel has recently become quite popular in the construction of handpans for several reasons.
    • High hardness, Crisp and ethereal sound, Long sustain.
  • Craft
    • Handmade.
    • Thickened stainless steel alloy.
    • Severe quenching heat treatment
    • Wide frequency response, more sensitive trigger

  • 9/10/12 Note Design (C Major  (Good for playing pop songs.))
    • Tone: Fundamental + Octave Overtone + Fifth Overtone
    • Find the scale that suits you
    • 12 Note Design - 1 center note(G3) and 11 tone fields
      • C Major (Good for playing pop songs.)DING/G3 A3/D4/C4/F4/E4/A4/G4/C5/B4/E5/D5

      • The upper part has 12 sounds, the center point is the basic sound, and the remaining 11 sounds are distributed around.
      • The bottom center has a hole for the bass "GU" which can be used for tuning.
    • 10 Note Design - 1 center note(G3) and 9 tone fields
      • C Major (Good for playing pop songs.) - DING/G3 A3/D4/C4/F4/E4/A4/G4/C5/B4

      • The upper part has 10 sounds, the center point is the basic sound, and the remaining 9 sounds are distributed around.
      • The bottom center has a hole for the bass "GU" which can be used for tuning.
    • 9 Note Design - 1 center note(G3) and 8 tone fields
      • C Major (Good for playing pop songs.) - DING/G3 A3/D4/C4/F4/E4/A4/G4/C5

      • The upper part has 9 sounds, the center point is the basic sound, and the remaining 8 sounds are distributed around.
      • The bottom center has a hole for the bass "GU" which can be used for tuning.
    • Suitable For Street Performances, Friends Gatherings, Light Music Appreciation, Etc.
      • They not only enhance our passion, also enhance physically and mentally, and exalt spirituality.
      • They can be played by drumstick or by bare hands, beating, patting, or finger patting, with no fixed musical background.
      • You can play tongue drums by much improvising, and could make different performance each time, even on the very same song.
    • Perfect For Traveling, Shipping or Storage
      • Highly rust resilient, hard case.
      • Equipped with one storage bag, which is dual zipper design, simple and convenient, 20mm thick crash resistant cotton, protect the handpan safty.
      • Suitable for man and woman, younger and older, without the limit of gender and age.
    • Maintenance Common Sense:
      • After use, use olive oil to maintain, wipe clean when playing.
      • Don't play under high temperature and sunshine. Don't play under extreme cold. These environments will affect the change of tone.
    • Material: Stainless Steel (High-end, Severe Quenching Heat Treatment)
    • Key: C Major
    • Tone: 9/10/12 Note Design
      • Fundamental + Octave Overtone + Fifth Overtone
      • 12 Note Design 
        • C Major (Good for playing pop songs.)DING/G3 A3/D4/C4/F4/E4/A4/G4/C5/B4/E5/D5
      • 10 Note Design 
        • C Major (Good for playing pop songs.) - DING/G3 A3/D4/C4/F4/E4/A4/G4/C5/B4
      • 9 Note Design 
        • C Major (Good for playing pop songs.) - DING/G3 A3/D4/C4/F4/E4/A4/G4/C5
      • Find the scale that suits you
    • Available in 432 Hz and 440 Hz. (432 Hz vs 440 Hz (Differences, Tuning, Which Sounds Better?))
    • Tuning method: Manual Tuning + Instrument Sound Measurement
    • Process: Phonetic Fixed Point / Strength Layer Strengthening / Quenching Forging
    • Color: Bronze (optional) (There may be chromatic aberration due to the light problem of the shooting, please understand.)
    • Item Size: 55 * 35cm/ 22 * 13.8in
    • Item Weight: 3.98kg / 8.8lbs / 140.39oz
    • Package Size: 61.5 * 61.5 * 36cm/ 24.2 * 24.2 * 14.2in
    • Package Weight: 8.8kg /19.4lbs / 310.4oz
    Package List:
    • 1 * Hand Drum
    • 1 * Drum Stand
    • 1 * Pair of Drumstick
    • 1 * Carry Bag
    • 1 * Cleaning Cloth (random color delivery)

    The daily maintenance of the Handpan Drum

    • 1. The maintenance of the hand dish needs to be oiled regularly.
      • (1) Don‘t touch the hands and handpan drum with water and all corrosive liquids, such as alcohol wipes, cleaning supplies. if they get wet, they need to be wiped off immediately, and then oiled.
      • (2) The sweat on your hands is corrosive. After the performance, remember to wipe the handpan drum with a soft towel and oil it for storage. (Note: In the hot summer, hands are more prone to sweating, and maintenance is required.)
      • (3) The period of oiling the surface of the hand dish is determined according to the local humidity and the frequency of use of the hand dish. If you feel that the surface of the handpan drum is too dry and there is no protective oil, apply it in time. Both the front and back of the handpan drum need to be oiled.
      • (4) The inside of the handpan drum should also be coated with a little protective oil every one month or so.
    • 2. There are spots or obvious hand hammer marks on the surface of the handpan drum, which are all normal phenomena of handmade musical instruments.
    • 3. Don't store the handpan drum in the backpack for a long time, and pay attention to keeping the hand dish ventilated.
    • 4. Don't smash and severely bump the handpan drum, so as not to cause the instrument to run out of sound.
    • 5. Avoid exposure to the sun.
    • 6. Try to put the handpan drum on the legs to play, so as to show a more perfect tone. The stand is recommended only for the display of the handpan drum.


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