Collection: Class E Kalimba - Tree of Life


Kalimba originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.
Hluru creates the high-end Kalimba via superior American Black Walnut to chase the melodies around in the deep forest.

The tree of life, which precedes human beigins, begins with nature, and is buried deep in the earth. Reach out to the sky, embrace the sun and rain.
People sing praisesfor it, it's full of human reverence for life and inheritance.
Play the hymns of life with rhythm, bringing joy, compassion, strength, suffering and love are written more vividly and beautifully.

  • Based on thousands of testing & adjusting,the circular arc design of HLURU 24 keys kalimbas & 34 keys kalimbas is just good for performance.
  • The 24 & 34scale design with 3/13 more high tones compared to the 21-scale, it provides vivid & delicate tones & performs more types of music, makes the timbre more ethereal, smooth & tender.
  • The 24/34-Scale has been protected by the patent.

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