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Calss B Tongue drum
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Pure Upgrade, Titanium Steel Disc Drum

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    Titanium Gold Steel Material
    • High-oxygen carbon reduction process: In the high-temperature and high-oxygen environment of 310 series stainless steel, oxygen reacts with excess carbon and iron (Fe), phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, etc. in the steel to continuously reduce the carbon content of the steel and further remove it. Titanium steel obtained from impurities such as iron (Fe), phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, etc., has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and few impurities. After the metal is heat-treated, the tone is cleaner and clearer. The 13-inch drum body makes it possible to add more sequence, the range spans 2 octaves, and the playable style is very wide, which is more suitable for professional performances. Type B is relatively purer and more stable in tone than type C. For those with extremely high requirements for tone, it is recommended to choose category B.
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