What material is better for the ethereal drum?

There are mainly several types of hollow drum materials on the market, but the basic mountains are all metal.

The best sounding is the butterfly drum in the market. The copper infiltration process makes the sound of the ethereal drum ethereal. The sound reaches an extreme bottom, and at the same time purifies the noise in the drum, making the sound of the ethereal drum more pure and moving.

The second material is an ethereal drum with added carbon steel, referred to as carbon steel ethereal drum. It uses a unique ratio of carbon and steel. The addition of carbon steel in a perfect proportion makes the structure of the ethereal drum more in line with the sounding principle, and adopts annealing and impurity removal technology. , To remove the excess impurities in the Ethereal Drum, so that the sound of the Ethereal Drum is improved to a certain extent.

The third type is titanium steel alloy material. Compared with the above two materials, the advantages may not be so obvious. The biggest feature is that the basic material is sufficient, the sound is stable, and the annealing process is also used to further purify the impurities of the empty drum, but Relatively speaking, there is still no moving music of the first two.

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